BT Team Manager in Accrington, United Kingdom

Customer Team Manager


Our purpose is to use the power of communications to make a better world. For each other, for our customers, for society and our communities. We need you to help us do this.

Why this role matters

A new role has come up in Accrington for a Team Manager to join us

The team in Accrington works to get customer connected /complaints & issues resolved. Whether your team are helping customers decide which products and services are right for them, or solving problems if their connection/Fibre journey doesn’t run smoothly.

Your role will be leading a team of about 15 advisors. You’ll be there to coach and develop them to own delivery of superior customer service. And you’ll get your team to share their knowledge on the right way to do things, so everyone’s better off.

Whatever the situation you’re always looking for how you can get your team to deliver their absolute best. You’ll create a great place where everyone wants to come and work. And you’ll need to make sure all the team goals are achieved. But you’ll be there to positively drive your team to smash them for our customers!

What you'll be doing

• Being a coach – guiding, instructing, teaching, motivating and having honest conversations. You’ll spend most of your time doing this, so that each and every member of your team are constantly learning and developing with opportunities to succeed. And to deliver superior service for our customers.

• Prioritising and planning your days – you’ll need to be great at this as there will be demands on your time

• Leading by example – You’ll set the tone for your team, so you’ll obviously be a champion at fixing customer problems and help your people to do exactly the same. You’ll make sure your people have everything they need to do a great job, but more importantly feel like they can do a great job.

• Achieving stretching GOALS / behaviours/outcomes – and being there every step of the way to support your people to deliver for our customers

• Talking to your people lots - about everything from what new products we might be selling, through to changes in process. You’ll always make sure you explain why we’re doing something and that everyone understands. This goes for making sure everyone knows what they are here to do and how they’ll know if they’re doing well, or not.

• Talking to our customers - when they ask for you or when there’s a problem one of your team can’t solve. You’ll make sure they’re called back, refund them where we’ve made a mistake and take a look at their account when needed.

• Saying thanks - when a good job is done.

• Following the process / giving feedback – and making sure all your team do the same, and use the right tools.

• Doing the best for the business as well as the customer – you’ll understand the commercial impact of decisions you make and will work with your team to make sure they get this too.

• Supporting your team – you’ll give guidance, listen to their calls, discuss their performance with them and make sure they have a well-earned break. You’ll create energy and a positive environment, where the team can thrive and build resilience for when things go wrong.

We'll also need to see these on your CV

• Strong leadership and coaching skills

• Communication skills

• Time management/Planning and Organising skills

• Understanding and experience of the attendance and performance management process

• Proven ability of being able to pay attention and make change happen

Why choose us?

We’re the largest telco in the industry worth over £10bn in revenue, with over 20k employees and 34m customers - this offers enormous opportunities for our people and to be No. 1 in the market. Our Consumer Unit exists of three household brands - EE, BT & Plusnet, from which collectively we generate more revenue than any other part of BT. This gives us more potential and scale than ever before and it’s a phenomenal foundation to build from. All three brands are really important to our future strategy. BT, EE & Plusnet are unique and more valuable to us staying separate to make the most powerful imprint on the market. We’ve got something special and we want everyone to feel proud about working here and excited about where we’re going and what we’re going to do.

We’re happy to consider ways of working so you can perform at your best. If you want to talk about working part-time or as a job share in this role, please apply and we’ll do our best to get the balance right.

We value different perspectives, skills and experiences. We’re creating an inclusive working culture where people from all backgrounds can succeed. That’s why we welcome applications from all parts of the community.

Job: Service Client Relationship/ Account Management

Title: Team Manager

Location: GBR %26 Ireland-GBR-Lancashire-Accrington

Requisition ID: 95868