BT Senior Hybrid cloud Architect. Specialist on Public clouds in Madrid, Spain

The role holder provides advice and services to internal and/or external clients in Public Cloud Projects, (Azure, Amazon or Google).The focus is on aligning Cloud technology and IT strategy to business strategy/processes. Whilst there will be some synergies with roles within the CIO, there will be a different focus for consulting roles. Typically, these Consultants meet business objectives, solve problems and further business success by applying high levels of industry, applications and technical knowledge through the definition of Cloud solutions and design concepts. In addition the role holder may work proactively with the client (eg LoB, CIO) to help define new product developments.

Functions And Tasks

· Develop and evolve the IT systems we handle for our customers.

· Architecture design for different environment (test environment, production..)

· Design the technical infraestructura for the offers we make, assessing the services and ANS.

· Automatize processes (Infrastructure deployment and software).

Key Responsibilities

q To focus on the strategic investment in technology systems and/or networks to deliver a technical solution. This could be in 5 main areas:

Uses in-depth knowledge of functional/business area and/or specific applications, conducts analysis to identify appropriate applications/solutions.

Focuses on the application of WEB and internet protocol technology to support a client's business strategy.

Analyses systems requirements and conducts high level design of network architectures and complex distributed systems.

With in depth knowledge of industry(ies) conducts analysis to identify bespoke or customised off-the-shelf applications/solutions for that industry.

From sound business & technical experience, identifies integration solutions and implementation strategies for effective exploitation of solution designs.

Job function

IT & engineering


· 5 years of experience in Hybrid and Cloud infraestructura.

· Knowledge on SO Server, Windows y Linux ( redHat, Suse, CentOs, Ubuntu...),

· Knowledge and demonstrated experience in scripting (bash, perl, Python...)

· Database knowledge: SQL Server / MySQL , MongoDB and DynamoDB

· Webservers/apps: Nginx, Apache , IIS , Tomcat, PHP.

· AWS / Azure o Google architecture.

· Virtual environments (Citrix, VMWare, Openstack, Hyper-V)

Deep knowledge of Network architecture: Routing/switching/ Nateo.


· Typically engineering/science degree.

· AWS/Azure Certificate.

· Typically ITIL or similarly accredited relevant professional experience in Application Management, or Test and Assurance.

· Personal requirements:

  • Valid work permit to work in Spain

  • Fluent Spanish and English.

Job: IT & engineering

Title: Senior Hybrid cloud Architect. Specialist on Public clouds

Location: Spain-Madrid-Madrid

Requisition ID: 86261